Friday, November 25, 2011

Attention All Dog Lovers!

 I am sharing this post. 
The dog handlers serving in Afghanistan at the moment have a big drive on trying to get people to send dog treats out to them to give the dogs some treats on Christmas day. One of the Soldiers is happy to have the parcels sent to him and he will distribute, so I wondered if we could call on our dog lovers to send a small parcel of treats NOT DOG FOOD - TREATS ONLY!!! Please send parcels to: 25178756 PTE Downer Camp Bastion OP Herrick 15 102 TMWDSU BFPO 792 Keep parcels under 2 Kilos (4.4 pounds) and they go *FREE* from any post office UK and US and the last posting date to arrive before Christmas is 30th November. Lets not forget the workin furbabies on the frontline this Christmas and I'm sure the strays will benefit too ;) xxxxxx


  1. I knew and know many dog handlers in Iraq and Afghanistan and they always told me not to send dog food as the animals were on strict diets ordered by the military. Have things changed in the past year?

  2. Sandy, I have not heard that before. This isn't for food though. Only for dog treats. I imagine they do have them on a special type of dog food though. i have to say though that the government must be okay with it because the items can ship free.


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