Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Saint Patrick

Saint Patrick (Christian Encounters Series)The title of the book that I chose to read is a biography about   "Saint Patrick".  This book was written by Jonathan Rogers and included in a series that has been  published by Thomas Nelson.

I enjoyed reading this book. I also found out that everything that I thought I knew about St. Patrick, I really didn't. Many people assume that he was from Ireland. Patrick was actually born in Britain and was the son of a Roman aristocrat.
This book's introduction starts out by going over the many tales and legends that have followed this man, St.Patrick. There were some that I was familiar with and many more I was not. Patrick did not chase the snakes out of Ireland nor did he use the clover leaf to teach about the Holy Trinity. There were no leprechauns following him anywhere.
In fact, Patrick was kidnapped as a sixteen year old boy and then taken to Ireland to be sold as a slave. He was captive for six years and worked as a shepherd.  Ireland was a barbaric and uncivilized island in those days. Patrick must have been shocked and frightened many times while he was in captivity there. The physical conditions were quite harsh as his work environment consisted of days of snow, ice and rain. The long days working as a shepherd had allowed him plenty of time to think. Despite it all, Patrick felt the presence of a Creator, watching over and protecting him, and he realized that this was God.
As Patrick drew closer, he felt God's presence more.
Patrick's story is an amazing journey which chronicles his return to Ireland. He obeys God and returns to bring Christianity to the people of Ireland. It was dangerous and challenging but quite miraculous because Patrick did it.

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