Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Go Topeka

Most everyone that lives in Topeka has heard by now, that it was the Indians that came up with the name of our city.     They said  "Good place to pick potatoes"  
These days the potatoes are mostly picked at the Dillon's grocery store. But the city's name has remained  unchanged. 
Although, actually it isn't totally true. The mayor of Topeka did make a proclamation this past March and declared that our fine city would not be called Topeka for the entire month. 
Topeka Capitol Journal
PC World story
There's a web site called Think Big Topeka and it's where can sign up for email updates and or grab their Rss feed.
Jared Starkley even created a group on Facebook called  "Bring Google's Fiber Experiment To Topeka!"
Here is part of the groups description: 
Imagine Topeka as a technology hot spot. A place where citizens, schools and businesses have unparalleled access to an internet connection so powerful they're able to make daily life more efficient, just by residing here. Where, instead of waiting minutes or hours for a file to download or a video to load, it would occur in seconds, allowing technology to take us places we've never even imagined before.

Some of the groups supporters include: Brandon Sheley, Alissa Sheley, Jim Ogle,Rio Cervantes Reed, Kasey Clark along with 17,327 members!
I think that this has been the best grassroots event that I've ever seen. Topeka needs this! Everyone wants this!  I'm hoping Google will keep us in their sites and pick us! Go Topeka!

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