Thursday, August 26, 2010

Breast Cancer From Zero to Mastectomy What every woman needs to know

From Zero to Mastectomy-What I learned and What You Need To Know about Stage Zero Breast Cancer

From Zero to Mastectomy: What I Learned and You Need to Know About Stage 0 Breast Cancer
Written by Jackie Fox 
Honyocker Press
 117 pages
There is so much that most people are not aware of despite the fact that Breast Cancer is all around us.  It will claim the lives of around 40,000 people in the United States alone this year.  Stage Zero Breast Cancer?  I didn't know there was a Stage Zero. So maybe in the back of my mind when I first read this books title,  I figured it wouldn't be ... well let's just say sometimes I'm a real ignoramus.
This book really opened my eyes. Jackie Fox has shared her personal journey through her own eyes as it happens, taking notes and asking questions and becoming proactive. Mastectomy was the last thing she expected or even considered after being diagnosed as Stage Zero. Cancer doesn't have to follow the rules.  Breast Cancer isn't just for women either. 

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  1. My mother had breast cancer so I'm hyper-vigilant about trying to prevent this dreadful disease, or at least catching it in the early stages. I even knew a man who had it, so everyone should be aware of steps to prevent themselves.


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