Monday, August 9, 2010

How hot is it where you are? Tell me please so I don't feel alone!

                                                               Topeka, Kansas
How hot is it? Well it's really super hot here! It's a one hundred degrees but with the humidity it feels like 110. They just announced it on the news. But it has basically been this hot for a few weeks here. Sure it has "cooled" off to about 95 for a day or so and then the mercury shoots back up. I also realize that this is not the only only place that is dealing with this sweltering heat.
Normally at this time of the year I enjoy spending time outdoors in my garden. Usually the heat doesn't really seem to bother me much. Although I'm not outside right now but I want to be! So tell me, how hot is it where you are?  What are you doing to beat the heat?  I know I'll be getting up and going out back to check on my tomatoes and stuff and I'll refill the birdbath. But then most likely I'll be ready to spray myself down with the hose but not until I drain the scalding water from it! 


  1. It's pretty hot in my country, but luckily I have a very cold office (air conditioner) so can't feel it unless I'm outdoor.

    Thanks for following my blog :)

  2. You are very welcome. I think the movies you have on there are great ones. Air conditioning is a must in heat like this. Have a wonderful day!

  3. I am in TN and we are in the sweltering heat as well. We have been near 100 for several weeks as well with heat indexes of 105-110. Yuck! Come on Fall! Anything over 95 is too hot. I could sure go for a 70 degree day!

  4. So I see you know just what I'm talking about Tracy! We had more snow here last winter I think we broke records. It was horrible! I kept praying for the summer and some heat but they say be careful what you wish for... :) Thanks for stopping by.


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