Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jeff Foxworthy Dirt On My Shirt

It's the same Jeff Foxworthy,  the guy with the  you might be a redneck jokes. I came across this book and after just reading a couple of pages I knew this would be a delightful book to read to my  grandsons. 
The book is so appealing with wonderful illustrations on every page. Another thing I really like is the fact that the poems are often quite humorous even for the adult reader.
My  grandsons age range from 10 down to two 3 year olds, and two 2 year old. They are all busy boys and especially so the four little ones. That's why I love reading funny poems to them, which they all seem to get a kick out of too. I have a feeling that my 10 year old  grandson, Alec will get a kick out this book as well. It is a bit young for him but it will make him smile for sure.
here is a sample from the book:

Roly Poly
I found a roly poly
He rolled into a ball
I rolled him in the kitchen
I rolled him down the hall
I rolled him to the back porch
He did not want to play
I went inside for dinner
And my poly walked away

I hope the author isn't going to object to me sharing that little verse here. The entire book is a collection of short verses and  some a bit longer but each one is something a small boy could relate with. from frogs and bugs and best friends to snakes and cousins and even bubble baths. It was published by Harper Collins Children's Books. The illustrations were done by Steve Bjorkman and are marvelous.



  1. hi lauren, i am followig you. You're blog is great and I love the books,they're terrific. Please follow me back (on google friends)please

  2. Thank you I visited your blog and left you a comment, also followed because I liked what I saw.

  3. My 4 yo son loves roly poly's. He can not go outside and not go hunting for them. LOL Thanks for sharing.

  4. I guess your son is just the same my little grandsons. Little boys are so sweet, I know because I had 3 of my own.


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