Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cold Weather is Here, It's time to bake!

The cold weather is fast approaching us here in Kansas. We have had some pretty nice days around here with temperatures up in the mid 60's. But that's all soon to be over.  For me,  just saying that makes me feel cold.
But there is one good thing to think about and that's baking.  I love to bake so much and when it's too cold for me to "play" outside any more that's when I start baking.  It's also when I read even more, as if that's somehow even possible. I'm pretty sure that today's mail will bring my latest Goodreads swap book, at least that's what I'm hoping! Another thing that I'm looking forward to now that I'm going to be "stuck" in the house is sewing.  I enjoy sewing although I'm not as good at it as some people I know are.  I enjoy it nonetheless.
Now let's go back to baking.  There are some things that I absolutely make from scratch like banana bread and pumpkin bread for example.  Another thing I love to make is butter pound cake.  Pound cake is always good but homemade is much better!  I'll dig out my recipe in the next day or two and share it here.

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