Monday, December 13, 2010

Do you make any of your Christmas gifts? Free pattern site link

 I am making some of those no sew fleece blankets. I'm sure that most everyone knows what I'm talking about. So easy, although it does get a little tedious at times. The only problem I really have is not having a big enough table or spot to lay the fabric on while I make the cuts. Here's a photo of one I did for little Desi.
I also wanted to share a giveaway that I found at All Free Sewing today. The book is called "All Dolled Up"   What I liked is  about this book, it has patterns and instructions to sew matching outfits for little girls and their 18" dolls. You can sew an outfit for a doll or a little girl, or both and most little girls will love matching their dolls, and this book includes patterns for both sizes. I have always wanted to do something like this because to be honest, I would love to make these for my little grand daughter Samara. She's 3 years old and think she would be thrilled! Naturally I had to enter and I am going try to remember to enter every single day till it ends! (which is Dec. 27th by the way)
 Here is the link, in case anyone out there wants to enter too.  All Dolled Up entry form
 If I don't win this book, I sure hope you do! Maybe you'll share!

If you really want this book right now, you can get it here also: 


  1. We have three of those fleece blankets that a friend made for my kids. We LOVE them! Great gift!


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