Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The heat is on!

It's hot and it's about to get even hotter and did I say loud? The firework stands are up everywhere. But they don't all have gigantic dinosaurs like this particular firework booth.  What a great idea this is, I suppose. I can only imagine myself back when I was trying to get from point A to point B and driving the Mom mobile. My three boys would have went crazy for this!  This stand is bound to get plenty of business, don't you agree?
I want to wish everyone a happy and safe Fourth of July!  Stay hydrated and don't forget about the pets!  They need lots of fluids also. The heat can take a lot out of  a person so try to stay cool.  Keep the kids cool. If you plan on being by a lake or even at a pool in your backyard, make sure you and your family stay safe! There are a lot of dangers out there, so remember be safe not sorry!

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