Saturday, October 22, 2011

Needing a makeover for my blog Please Help!

There are obviously some problems with my blog and I know it!  The problem is that I am not really sure how to give it a blog makeover. I admit that I haven't been putting in the time that I would like to, as far as writing posts and that sort of stuff and for that I apologize. The goals that I had for myself and my blog are still the same although I have let so many things get in the way in the past, but I'm determined to get this right.
I really don't have the skills to design my blog. Every time I get on here, I become frustrated immediately because of the fact that it just feels so mumbo jumbo and uneven. I'm talking about stuff like, posts that seem to repeat on the same page and the fact that the placement for everything is so off!
Should I start completely over or how do I?  I want a nice smooth feel  and a new look for my blog, something that feels right when you look at.  Although I do try to learn, there are some things I know nothing and/or very little about and just can't seem to get the hang of. Maybe somebody out there knows of some helpful blog design sites and will leave me a comment with the link? What makes it harder is that I know so little when it comes to my blog or the layout, links or design. I need some help, that's for sure. I'm hoping for any type of help or advise so I can learn some basic things. I wonder what was the hardest part for any of you to figure out when you first became a blogger? Besides for getting followers, I mean. Please feel free to comment and share! If you have any advice in general, or can share some helpful sites that you've encountered, it is very much appreciated.
What has been the most difficult aspect for you when it comes to blogging? I know there are some really talented bloggers out there because I have seen so many other blogs!  If by some chance there is somebody reading this and can relate to this post and possibly has their own question to add, feel free to comment as well.
Let's get this party started!

How to stop the scrolling? Is that what it's called?  I tried to edit and there are two blog post boxes, go figure! But I haven't been able to delete the "extra" one.


  1. Hi there!
    Your blog is nice. Really.
    Clean page - not a lot of clutter.

    I'm not sure what your goal is, but I'd encourage you to take a couple hours one day -- when you DON'T post so people don't come to read while you play -- and just play around with the settings.

    The blogs I like (this is my personal preference) use:
    1. A clean, easy to read font. You have that :) -- though taking your size up one number would be nice.
    2. Three posts on the home page. Yes, that means scrolling, but you can do bullets of three posts. Generally, I don't get to blogs every day, so I like to read the last few posts when I get a chance to stop by.
    3. All the stuff you have going down the right side is the only thing that's really distracting. If you want followers, make it easier for people to link in -- that should be toward the top of the page. Also the "about me" should be toward the top, just above or below the followers. We want to know who you are!!!!! Since this is a book blog, your list of books should probably be third. After that, you have a bunch of "clutter" -- decide what to keep and what to delete. Badges, ads, etc. It's up to you what's important and what your blog goal is.

    I hope that helps. If you want a personal blog design, I highly recommend Sweet Simplicity Designs. You can link to her on my blog page.

    I hope this helps. Remember -- your blog is yours!!!! Do what makes you happy :)


  2. Thank you Karen! I just can't figure out why it shows the same post twice. I tried to edit and when I did and went to layout, it showed 2 blog post boxes which would explain it but I couldn't figure out how to remove the extra one. I really appreciate you stopping by and the fact that you left such helpful comments.Thanks, Lauren

  3. Hi Lauren..thank you for visited and follow my blog.
    Dear Lauren, This blog has been good, simple and light load, I like this blog. Good Luck.

  4. Hello Lauren, thanks for the visit to my Incredible Creatures blog. I like your blog. If you go to your admin menu you can pick through different themes and find one you like. I would move your rss feed up higher above all your ads. Under that you can add a widget that shows your archived posts. Ad a logo or photo of you at the very top right to brand your blog. Depending on how big you want your reach to be, create a Facebook fan page for your blog/business. Ad your G+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to your blog. As you grow you can add new pages. You can create a new page and embed your blogfrog community right into your blog. It'll boost you in the search engine rankings.
    After your title i would add a Tagline.
    Read More Books ~ Reviews, etc etc. (In a sentence give us more info about what your site is about.) After that you could add a paragraph description of what your blogs about. Be sure to add your disclosure policy and advertising info. On our blog you can see how we did ours for an example. As far as gaining visitors it takes time. Visiting other blogs, being active on blogfrog, blogher, technorati blogs, etc helps gain visitors. Also invite guest bloggers. I love to read also so I started asking around to do book reviews on the books I wanted to read. Now we have authors and publishing companies coming to us and we can barely keep up. If you have a particular niche your interested in contact a publishing company that sells those books and let them know you are available for reviews. I hope all this helps. Your blog is nice and clean. Blogging takes a lot of work and time. Hang in there. Let me know if you have any questions. I don't mind helping. ~ Carol

  5. Thank you so much Carol! Awesome!


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