Sunday, February 24, 2013

Must read for movie lovers

This is something that I think is worth looking into. I am very glad I did because this is right up my alley. This is quality viewing pleasure simply put. Let me tell you all about it and then you can go check it out yourself.

Fandor is an eclectic library of films from every genre imaginable. This was a wonderful experience just visiting their site and going through the pages of movies, independent films, documentaries. I really have to say wholeheartedly that is something that every movie buff would want on their TV. All the choices are spectacular and the list goes on. I was on this site checking it out all night. There are movies that would interest the whole family. I am so impressed that I’m taking them on the 2 weeks free. After that it’s $10.00 a month which is reasonable. You will find something that interest you I can just about guarantee that because there is so much to pick from. It’s really easy to maneuver around and look too.

Signup for a Fandor 2 week trial!
We make it easy for you to find films you will love: International, Classic, Silent, Independent, Animation and so much more.
With a free two-week trial, you'll get:
Hundreds of genres and thousands of titles at your fingertips
Watch online, at home, or on the go
Unlimited viewing during your free trial, and after your trial ends for only $10 per month
Support filmmakers-half of your subscription dollars go directly to support film community

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