Saturday, February 16, 2013

There is something in the air and the sky is falling

Good morning and happy Saturday to you. We all have seen the news by now and  are aware of the meteorite that has crashed in Russia. There has also been an asteroid very close to the Earth along with many reports of fireballs in the sky.

Maybe the sky falling should be taken as a sure sign of something very serious?  I have been wondering about all this and so have many of my friends. You really can't dismiss this stuff as being some kind of coincidence, can you?

Wasn't it weird that when the Pope announced that he would be resigning and within hours the Vatican was photographed being struck by lightening. That was very strange. It is possible that it gets hit by lightening like that all the time and it's nothing unusual but I doubt it.

So what does all this mean? I certainly don't know but I really feel like we all should be on our knees thanking our Higher Power for this day,  for each day.
Anyway that's my take on the whole thing, pray pray pray. Tell the ones you love to pray. Pray for those you love, pray for those you hate.  Pray for your unbelief if that's the case.
Here is a headline from the New York Times newspaper;  Read this....
After Assault from the Heavens, The Russians seek clues and count their blessings.
What is your opinion about all this?  I really could use some comments on this post because I am so concerned and maybe you are too. Or you are not at all worried and can share your reasons for that. I  do have readers from different countries around the world and would love to hear your thoughts on this as well


  1. OH Lauren, I have often wondered why all the craziness means. It seems like there is more violence in the world then ever before. It feels as if the weather has been so irratic of late, Maybe a 40 day flood again, is possible.

    Then maybe you and I are nuts, and we should just put it off to circumstance.

    Then again, I am on my knees in prayer, and if it is an indication that the end of the world is near...I am waiting for the RAPTURE...I am ready....I am just sad that many of the people that I love do not share my faith, and I may not see them in heaven...I can't wait for the Glory Days to come...

  2. I couldn't agree with you more Donna. I feel as if I am waiting and ready and my prayers are that everyone I know will be holding hands when we finally see our Creator. I am so happy you stopped by! Thank you Donna and God bless you. xxx ~ Lauren

  3. Oh, Lauren....I am thinking that you and I could really have a good time discussing life together.

    Looks as if we are both deep thinkers, intelligent, and Christians....Could be fun...You up for the challenge???


  4. Donna, Thanks for that comment. You are so sweet. I am looking forward to reading more of your blog too. xxx


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