Friday, March 29, 2013

Easy Lemon cool whip cookies

 These are called Cool Whip Cookies and they are easy to make and taste wonderful. They are light and sweet and the kids ate them right up!  

I've had many requests for them.  I made lemon but they can also be made just about any flavor.  
I thought they were a bit too messy to make but I do admit I am usually the mess.  I highly suggest wearing an apron while making these! I ended up with powdered sugar on my blouse. Oh well, I did have fun making these! The only thing I wish I would have done would have been to add some lemon juice or flavor, or lemon zest if it was in season just for the added flavor. These are easy and  4 ingredients, cake mix, eggs, powdered sugar  and cool whip.

 You can find the recipe here cool whip cookies

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