Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Old photographs Brookline, Mass 1903-1938

Today I got an email today from my uncle and he shared some old family photographs that I had never seen before. I love looking at old pictures and I'll admit that I still enjoy seeing them even when I don't know anyone in them. I am always amazed at the styles of clothing and how much has changed.  Life was so different too it seems. But people are always the same, you know what I mean. The expressions and the smiles or not. Pictures do tell a story.
Sometimes we don't realize what they tell until we look at them years later.  
This beauty is my great grandmother Lucy Marsh Aborn. She was born in 1886 and died in 1960. My mother's grandmother, my grandfather's mother. She had 8 children and my grandfather was the baby.
This photograph was taken in 1922 and here you can see my grandfather Russell as a smiling 3 year old with his older sister Barbara and brother Monroe. They looked so happy. 

This is one of my favorites, I love pictures of children. This is my great aunt Barbara and my great uncle Winthrop. I believe this was taken in 1913.
This one is my great uncle Monroe at Revere beach. I love the pipe.  I can't imagine going to beach in long pants and smoking a pipe. This is from 1938 and was taken at Revere beach in Revere, Massachusetts
Thanks for looking.

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