Sunday, March 3, 2013

Something stinky in the house...

Welcome to the real world. Over the years  I have had children, I have had assorted pets and I have had a husband with stinky feet. But that's just the beginning.   The real world can get pretty smelly so what do you do when there is something stinky in the house?  Well if you’re like me then you've tried most every product on the market at one time or another. I have done the homemade, do it yourself, organic, cheap, you name it; it’s been tried at my house. I have air fresheners, scented candles, and fabric fresheners including the super odor eliminator type products. Now my children are grown and I live alone with one small dog and guess what? Things can still get stinky from time to time around here. I would love to hear from my readers out there about anything that has been helpful homemade or otherwise.
My latest find has been pretty good actually. I was at Walmart in the cleaning aisle recently and realized I had forgotten the pet spray I planned on getting. The pet products aisles and the cleaning supplies aisle at my local Walmart are on complete opposite sides of the store, go figure but anyway I was in a hurry and had everything I wanted except the  pet stain /odor remover that I like to keep on hand at all times.  So while I was looking at the air fresheners I happen to look up and see the latest find. It's called Odoban. The bottle that I bought was the 24 once spray bottle Eucalyptus scent. That was the only choice that  my local Walmart has in stock.  I quickly glanced over the label,  then looked at the price $2.68 and decided to take a chance on a product I had never seen or heard of before. Sometimes in life we just got to take a chance, that's all. Besides the price wasn't bad considering the pet spray that I planned on buying was $4.97 as was the air and fabric freshener. Neither of the 2 choices was anything special other than the fact that I needed something to keep on hand.  So I bought the Odoban that day and then went home and forgot about it up until something stinky happened (it always does) and I got out the Odoban.
I left the dog in my apartment and she had an accident on the carpet. She is pretty much pee pad trained but has on occasion just let it go right next to the pee pad which I had placed on the rug by the front door. That is a smell and pee stain we just cannot live with because if you have a dog yourself then you already know that they will return to the same spot if it isn't properly cleaned.
Of course I did a little research on Odoban and boy was I pleased!!!  If you have any pets and/or small kids or take care of  bedridden, this is a MUST HAVE product. I was delighted with their web site and all the information and especially the testimonials. I will be saving money now because I will be using Odoban which costs less and does a far superior job than any of the products that I have been known to use.
That is what you should read if you are interested in more information regarding whether this product works. If you ask me I say it works wonderfully. I can tell you that I plan on only buying Odoban from now on. I can tell you that I wasn't paid nor did I receive anything from the company or anyone affiliated with it in anyway. This is just my contribution as a consumer and I am sharing with you as I would share this with a family member or friend.
As far as where to buy... I found it at my local Walmart and at a very reasonable price.  They also sell it at several other places and it comes in a couple of other fragrances. I can tell you that the Eucalyptus scent is strong and had I had a choice I am sure Citrus or Lavender would have been better but it happens to be the scent that the Walmart here carries  I found it on Amazon which I also will add that it is very expensive to purchase on Amazon and should be a last resort. Here is the where to buy  link from there site.
 Before I forget,  I wanted to make sure that I mention that it is not to be used on animals or humans but can be used on carpet, floor,laundry etc. It cleans, deodorizes, air freshener,fabric,laundry,bathrooms,kitchens. Eliminates odors and kills 99.99% of germs (which cause odor) It also works for mildew and water damage as well as diapers and diaper pails. If you go on their site you can also sign u to win an assortment of their product.
If you have used this product already perhaps you could leave a comment and tell me how you used it and would you buy it again?
I noticed that they sell it at Sam's Club and I have a membership there so I will check it out on my next trip.

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