Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Where do balloons go? An uplifting mystery

written by Jamie Lee Curtis
 and Harper Collins Publishers LTD

I love everything about this book. The age old question "Where do balloons go?"  I remember having this thought each time that I saw a balloon getting away from some small hand and rising up up and away on an spoken journey far up in to the clouds. Jamie Lee Curtis has written a delightful book on the subject! This book is fun to read with it's carefree poems and beautifully drawn pictures. The colorful pictures are so much fun to look at and what's more is that no matter how many times that we read the book to a little one, it will be something different that catches their eyes in the book. The way the book is illustrated encourages a new view point on what is observed each story time. I think that this book can be read and enjoyed again and again.  At my house, we have the hard cover edition and it also came with balloon stickers inside. My grand kids have had fun coming up with their own theories of just where these lost balloons might have gone. They enjoy this book very much.
I would also like to mention the illustrator, her name is Laura Cornell. 

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