Monday, April 8, 2013

Peach or plum tree?

I need a bit of help to identify the tree please. If you can tell by the blossoms. I say it's a peach tree,  he says it can't be. I have seen the fruit. Some folks like to argue.... it's a dwarf tree and it has reseeded itself in several places in the yard. It is very pretty the last time I looked...plums were a plum color and had smooth skin.  Don't argue back right?  I should know better by now. It's a mystery tree.  I live in the Midwest and right now spring is finally here! We have had some beautiful temperatures over the last few days and everything has just blossomed literally overnight. The problem might be that over the next couple of days we are expecting freezing sleet, snow and cold weather. A storm passing through starting with rain tonight and tomorrow and snow on Wednesday.  That may or may not hurt the daffodils and peonies, tulips etc that are up or close to it.  Anyway if these pictures look familiar at all please just give me a clue, share your opinion on peach or plum. Thanks and have a wonderful evening/day/morning depending on where you are.   


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