Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Monster's Game

A poetic book into the child behind the mask of a survivor.
Written and illustrated by @LITTLEGIRL413
Published by Outskirts Press Inc.

This book was quite hard for me to get through. The subject matter is very personal and hit too close to home for me. The author has written these poems in the vein of telling a story about what happened to her but also what happens emotionally inside a child's mind when she/he is being sexually abused/exploited. The blame and the pain become self directed and the effects of the abuse last for a very long time. Littlegirl413 must be a brave person because writing this book had to take a lot of strength. I want to add that she also illustrated the book which impressed me because it showed me how much effort went in to this book.
The pain and the shame of sexual abuse pours out and spills itself out on society and has contributed to the growing number of men and woman suffering from drug and alcohol addictions. The shame and the secrets.  I hope that this book brings some new awareness to what it's like for the child/ survivor as he or she grows up.  As I read through her poems I could relate to different emotions that she described.  Although no story is exactly the same there are many common emotions that we all share.  This is a touchy subject for many people including myself but it's also more prevalent than we would like to think.

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