Wednesday, November 13, 2013

And Kaylee was a witch at Matrot Castle

This is my dog Kaylee and she was a witch for Halloween. I took her to a carnival that was held at Matrot Castle here in Topeka. Matrot Castle is an old winery and there is a real castle on the property and we got to take the tour. It was awesome!  I know Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is soon here but before I forgot I wanted to post these pictures.
This picture was taken in what was called the "Church of the Vine"  This was a small church which I'm not sure if it is actually used as a church now or ever was but the decorations were terrifying and fun at the same time.
 Giant spider, lol
But the grounds were also decorated for the Halloween theme and so was the inside of the castle.
Here was something that looked very realistic with leather straps and everything. Yes I had to sit down and try it out.
Everything about the place was pretty cool.  I'm not sure if they leave the Halloween stuff up all year or change for each holiday. The decorations were everywhere I looked. I took so many pictures of the grounds and all the neat stuff they had but there were far too many pictures to post. Some were very scary, lol  I'm sharing the mild ones. The carnival was awesome and there was even an Enchanted forest complete with a fire pit for roasting marshmallows for the kids My grand kids enjoyed that so much. I did too actually. There was a costumed DJ playing some terrific music while children and adults enjoyed a cake walk.  There was a kissing booth set up and it was "manned" by volunteers. I can't say with any certainty whether any kissing took place but everyone had fun regardless. There were faces that got painted and many games were played. There was hot dogs, chips, caramel apples, cake, hot apple cider and soft drinks. I hope I didn't forget anything.

 The castle was fascinating to see and the tour was great. The third floor was frightening and haunted too! The tour guide was nice and gave all a wonderful tour. I was scared on the 3rd floor and wouldn't go all the way in to the top room.. I hid behind a woman I didn't even know and watched as she walked around the room. Then I decided it was NOT for me...then I exited quickly although I did try try to remain calm in front of the small children and I waited my turn to walk down the stairs even though my inclination would have been to scream loudly and push everyone out of my way so I could get out fast. But I didn't, I remained composed while on the inside, my heart was pounding. That's what makes this so special, we love to be scared!

Most everyone was in costume which was another fun thing to see. Kaylee was the only dog there and she had a marvelous time. She was not even slightly bothered by any of the goings on that day and she loved all the attention.
Thanks to the Keeping it real women's group for putting this on.
The Matrot Castle has been a part of Kansas history since 1883. During prohibition the castle was used for an underground winery.
It's located at: 6424 S.W. Huntoon Topeka, Ks 66615
Open 11 a.m to 7 p.m. Saturdays


  1. Nice sharing! Keep it up. But I need to ask; when I checked the meaning of halloween in my dictionary, it said something relating to "a time when the evil spirits are believed to be walking around".

    So, why should it be celebrated if it's a time evil spirits are believed to be active? Don't mind my curiosity, we just don't celebrate it in my region.

    I think you should be able to confuse me why it is being celebrated. As far as I'm concerned, it shouldn't. Should it?

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. Celebrating Halloween is something I have always known all my life and nobody has ever asked me this question. We like to wear costumes and go around and show them off. They have fun carnivals with candy and treats and scary things. I am so accustomed to Halloween I never thought about not celebrating. I tried to locate your blog but I'm not having much luck. Perhaps you can share a direct link?


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