Saturday, November 9, 2013

In the hall of the mountain king book and CD Review

This book is awesome, wonderfully written and with beautiful pictures to captivate the reader along the music CD that comes with it in a word... spectacular!  I read it and fell in love immediately.  As a mother and grandmother and a former child myself,  I have been reading this genre of books for over 50 years and consider myself to be very aware of what amuses small children.  This is exactly what I would call a winner.  The story is interesting and the pictures are excellent. The whole package is perfect in every way.
The book is delightfully entertaining but the combination of story, pictures and music is perfect!  This is a book that will captivate little ones and keep their interest.  The watercolor drawing are awesome and so fitted for each page.  The added music from the CD which is included adds excitement and fun to the story.  This will make a wonderful and enjoyable gift for little ones everywhere.  My opinion is that this will delight and amuse children of all ages but especially the younger ones.

The story was cleverly adapted from a story written long ago by Henrik Ibsen by
Allison Flannery

Illustrated by
Vesper Stamper

With music by Edvard Grieg
Included on CD

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