Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Molten deep dish caramel cookies

I made these the other night when I got home. I followed the directions and they actually turned out quite well. They were not difficult at all and the only kitchen tools used were a medium size bowl, a rubber spatula, a tablespoon, measuring cup and a cupcake pan. The ingredients called for an egg, softened butter and I  sprayed the cupcake pan with some Baker's Joy but any brand of spray would work. 
They look yummy and take my word for it, they are yummy. The box calls them deep dish cookies but they look more like cupcakes. They are very rich tasting and I suggest  having a glass of cold milk to go with them. I let mine cool before I got them out of the pan as the box suggested. I could easily understand why as caramel can become super hot and it only took about 5 minutes to cool . They were easy to get out of the pan with the help of a butter knife. Mine all came out in one piece with very little mess. I  bought these when they were on sale as they are a little expensive at regular price. I'm glad I tried them.  Krusteaz makes really tasty products in my opinion but the cheap side of me likes them much better on sale. So I will definitely be keeping my eyes out when I go down the baking aisle.   ~ Lauren

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