Monday, November 25, 2013

The Wacky World of Wendy White

This book is a very amusing and thoughtfully written story is written in rhyme using the brand names of every kind of snack, cookie, candy bar, and restaurants. This book is going to make many children laugh out loud when they read this.  It is a wacky story and fun to read. It's quite creative and very clever. This is book that all kids including grownups would enjoy reading a couple of times, in my opinion.
 There are so many references to food throughout the book, at least a hundred or more. The pictures are adorable and colorful and all drawn by the author, Barbara Ann Bonilla. I would be willing to bet that she had a great time coming up with all these funny rhymes.
This will entertain almost all ages. Great gift idea and perfect for that special someone with a sweet tooth!
Available on Amazon for Kindle or in paperback


  1. Hi Lauren,
    Thank you so much for the wonderful review of my book. I'm delighted that you enjoyed it and shared your thoughts with others as well.
    Happy Holidays Lauren. Thanks again!
    Barbara Ann Bonilla

  2. You welcome Barbara. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a very merry Christmas!


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