Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring with a little snow and Fred Phelps

In Kansas where I live we have a saying that goes like this  "If you don't like the weather just wait five minutes." That's a very common thing you'll hear if you spend anytime at all in this area. It was fairly nice out side this past week with temps up in the 70's for a couple of days and mostly 60's and then suddenly it drops down and lo and behold the snow starts coming down again. Mind you that it's not going to stick (I hope) as the ground temperatures are too warm for any accumulation. Thank goodness for that. I can't imagine living up North.  I just could not stand that climate at all.
When I'm watching shows like Ice Cold Gold which is filmed in Greenland and quite desolate as well a severely cold, it makes me so happy to be living where I am.  We have so much diversity when it comes to weather and more so throughout the United States.  I believe that I heard somewhere that we broke a lot of records this winter.  I heard one newscaster saying that this winter was considered to be a "one in a lifetime winter" or something like that. The exact wording I can't recall but I'm sure you get the picture.
The best thing to do when the weather isn't good is to grab a book and escape for a bit.  I have been doing just that.  I always have several different choices and sometimes it's tough to decide what to read next.  I like to read the newspaper everyday also and the latest news story in Topeka this past week is that Fred Phelps died.  The whole country and then some knows of the Phelps's.
The death of their patriarch has not slowed them down for a minute.  They were in Kansas City protesting a concert while others were there counter protesting them.  I was moved to see that some of the counter protesters held up a large sign that simply read "SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS"   God bless whoever came up with that and God bless the folks that held that sign up. I can't speak for everyone but I  know that I sure liked that a lot.. That spoke volumes.  Anyway the Phelps family will continue to spew out their hate and their protests and signs will continue but the real lesson is that there is truth in the words "you will reap that which you sow."
That's all I got for now. Book in hand and I'm off to do some late night reading. Good night. God bless you.

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