Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Heaven is For Real

Heaven is For Real  Special Movie Edition
written by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent
Published by W publishing Group, a division of Thomas Nelson

I had seen this book for a couple of years and had wondered what it was all about.  When I saw this book was available at Book Look for bloggers I knew I wanted to request it.  They were kind enough to send it it and I have read it and will gladly share my honest opinion here.
The story takes place in 2003 and centers around a small boy and his family. The 4 year boy is named Colton Burpo and his story is pretty incredible.  After  his appendix has ruptured and infection has set in,  and an emergency appendectomy is performed Colton has even more infection and requires more surgery. Some where along the way everything changes.  He gets better and then this little child begins to talk about death and dying and Heaven. The story is intriguing and really made me wonder about what Heaven could be like.  I began reading as somewhat of a skeptic and I'm still somewhere in the middle. The book was written well, the story sounds very convincing and believable because everything fits together. But it still seems very manufactured because of the subject matter. But then on the other hand, all the pieces seem to line up real well. The movie will be out on April 16th.
This  book is because it's the  Special Movie Edition. In case you haven't heard,  the movie Heaven is for real will be out on April 16th. I know a whole lot of people that will be going to see this movie and I may very well be among them. I wish I didn't have such mixed feelings about the book but in spite of that I still think it's interesting and worth reading. 

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