Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ziggersnout a fun book for kid's written by Dale Rensing

* I got this book from the author Dale Rensing and agreed to read it and  give an honest review.  This book is getting attention at my house and so far I  have read this book to 2 of my grandsons aged 5 and 6. They enjoyed this story and especially the dragon, Ziggersnout.  The story is about a little boy named Eric that has been learning to skate but hasn't been practicing like he should. The book is well written and has a story that would appeal to ages 5-8 years old.  It is written about a boy but I think girls would enjoy this as well. There is fun and some good lessons that can be had from this delightful book.  My 6 year old grandson was pretty impressed by this book. Both boys have wanted me to read it again. I thought the pictures were done well and helped the story along quite nicely. Very fun read!

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