Friday, May 2, 2014

K9 Commando Police and Army Dogs from New York to Berlin

Written by Violetta Kovacs

Published by Outskirts press

This book shares the stories of 12 incredible dogs. They work in the protection field with Police and military aiding in every way they can. They can be purebred or mongrel because the loyalty they show has no limits. They may patrol the streets of New York with their Master very much like Bandit and Jax do with Paul Gitlin of the SWAT team.
There are dogs that have dug through rubble and collapsed building and rescued countless people from Rome, Greece and around the world. They work side by side or alone and they get the job done.
The photographs in this book are amazing. The dogs are so beautiful and the pictures are exceptional. The dogs at work, doing what they love and also posed with their human masters. Some of the stories in this book will touch your heart and move you to tears. These dogs are all heroes I couldn't even pick a favorite. The pictures of beautiful black Bagira and many of the other dogs are etched in my mind forever.
Violetta Kovaks has a wonderful writing style and her deep love for dogs is clear. I had received this book and agreed to give an honest review of it. In my opinion this is a perfect gift for any dog lover. I enjoyed each story and every photograph from beginning to end. The amazing abilities and uncanny loyalty these dogs show will impress anyone that picks up the book. These dogs are sniffing out, drugs, bombs, bodies and bad guys. They have no fear and love what they do. They protect us all over the world and these are some of their stories. This book is a winner and you can purchase it here

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