Monday, August 4, 2014

NIV Teen Study Bible Review

This is the best teen Bible that I have seen ever. I love the chunky size which is comfortable and easy to read. It lays flat open if you like that's a great point too. I was amazed at the cool stuff inside. I like the questions and answers throughout and the To the Point which tells what God wants for us. The Instant Access is the helpful in my opinion. The book makes reading the Bible much more user friendly which in what teens need to get the most out of it. I got this Bible for my granddaughter in exchange for a review of it. The youngest teens will get a lot out of this as well as older teens. My grand daughter is 15 and I'm presenting this to her.This is an easy to follow along with because the index is terrific and helpful as well. We have had many different teen Bibles over the years and this one is wonderful. There are pages of full color maps in the back which bring the area in to a better perspective. As a parent and grand parent it is our job to inspire them to get in to the Word and this will help them to understand it well.


  1. Thank you for the recommendation! I've been looking for a good one for my daughters and nothing has lived up to my own expectations. I defintely have to check this out.

  2. This is a wonderful Bible and I'm sure you will think so too. Thank you for your comment Kevin.


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