Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Prayer for those that are still hurting

Every single day that I wake up I am so grateful for my recovery. Sobriety is a gift and everyone that wants sobriety and deserves sobriety does not mean they will receive sobriety.  I know that sobriety is not an easy thing.

We have ups and downs, highs and lows and we all go through this in life not just for those in sobriety either.  I do a awful lot of self talk every day. How I choose to talk to myself has a major affect on my mood, my out look and how I look at the world. I'm so sad to know that Robin Williams was in so much depression that self talk failed him.  What was he saying to himself in those final moments? We can never know.  It wasn't good. His pain was enormous and alcohol was a major factor in his death. Alcohol, cunning, baffling and powerful, what a wicked and devastating opponent.  There are horrific places for addicts. Jails, mental hospitals, homelessness and death are just some of the places.
I will continue to pray for those suffering alcoholic/addicts every single day.  If your life has become unmanageable, if someone you love has a problem please reach out for help. There are so many ways to get help if you want it. Contact the nearest  AA hotline which can be found here
Addiction is a serious problem and it affects people in every walk of life. It knows no boundaries.  If you have questions please contact me. ~Lauren

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