Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The 1st day of Autumn and in to the Fall

I'm a summer time girl and always have been  so when  this time of year comes around I get the blahs.  By now usually the grass has turned brown and dried out from the lack of rain and the heat. That isn't the case this year. Not here in southeast Kansas. We had some rain when normally we just have the heat so we still have some green going on and it's Autumn already.

Actually the weather was so pleasant on this 1st day of Autumn that I decided to take advantage of it and I'm glad I did.  The sky was awesome that day. A beautiful sky does amazing things to me. I felt so blessed to be able to enjoy the perfect temperature and the Monarch butterflies were everywhere.
I have a little dog that loves to play in her wading pool and my plan was to clean it out and put the pool up for the year. She wasn't going to have any of that and she let me know. She hopped right in as I was draining it and would not get out. Her favorite activity has been dropping her ball in the pool and then getting it out. She can entertain herself for hours with a small wading pool and a ball.  It's so funny to watch too. She barely weighs 10 lbs and all the cats are taller than she is but she still loves that pool.

Each one of her favorite balls have gotten quite a workout over the summer. She has the mini tennis ball in the pool and you can see how raggedy it looks. She gets them broke in like that pretty fast. 
Here she is waiting for me to throw this old ball in the pool.

The sky was beautiful and with high winds way up in the clouds.  I love days like that because the sky changes constantly.

The end of the day was amazing and peaceful. The sky cooperated very well with the lovely temperature  and the amazing peace I felt as I captured this last picture.

It was wonderful day and I'm glad I  was able to take time out and enjoy it.   ~Lauren

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