Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Cutest DIY Halloween Costumes and Makeup

Every year at this time without fail..... I find myself looking all over the web at the awesome Halloween costumes that people come up with.  I'm always amazed at the levels of creativity when it comes to a  DIY costume.  I know most people would rather not spend a lot for costumes especially when they have a bunch of kids to buy for.  With that being said I decided to share some of cutest do it yourself costume ideas  for kids this Halloween.

1. The 1st one is guaranteed to make you smile. These little ones are just too cute for words.   Check them out here 

2. I love these adorable costume ideas!  You have got to see Thing #1 and Thing #2  Worth the look!

3.  Have you ever thought about dressing up as characters from a board game? This family did Candyland as a group. Sweet!  Here's how they did it. 

 4.Check out the baby Bob Ross costume 

5. If you someone at your house loves Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and you are looking for a terrific way to dress up your Ninja Turtle this Halloween check out this tutorial  This is super easy and your little Ninja will  reuse the costume as pajamas because it's made using a child's sleeper.

6. Bob's Big Boy is a popular restaurant and the Bob's Big Boy mascot is the cutest costume idea ever! Check this cutie out. 

7. Frankenstein and his Bride  This is super easy and fun! 

8. This is a unique costume for sure!  They themselves Dirty Laundry  

9. Remember the 50's?  These girls don't but they sure look cute!  Sock hop girls.

10. Here is an illusion costume that is homemade and looks fun!  Perfect for a tween or teen. Headless maid costume 

11. What fun it is to be Easy Mac and Cheese Very cute too!

12. Here is a little Edward Scissor Hands  

13.  My grandson would like this. He lives in Tennessee where everyone hunts and fishes.  This is perfect for the little hunters in your life.

14 .This is a couple costume that is sure to be a hit!  Demented dentist and patient  It's very clever too!

We can't forget our pets!  I'm a doggy mother as well and love to dress up my little dog for Halloween.  Here are 10 adorable dog costumes

Here's one for Mom too. Ten awesome looks with makeup for Halloween.Older kids might like these also.  Check them out 

 I love the ingenuity of a homemade costume.  I really like the group costume ideas too  It's so much fun to dress up with friends or family as a group. Many years ago my brother and a bunch of his football team dressed up as old women. They wore grey wigs and shawls and flowery dresses and one even went out in rollers and a housecoat.  It was such a riot to see them all dressed like that.  I know they all had a lot of  fun that night.  Seriously though there are just so many fantastic possibilities for group costumes these days. I've seen some really good ones this year online.

Every year I see more and more of my friends, co workers and even many of my neighbors are decked out in their own Halloween outfit.  As a matter of fact for several days leading up to the 31st there will be many different events taking place around town. Plenty of  reasons for you and your little ones be seen wearing your best and most creative costumes ever!

It was fun for me to find at these costume ideas online. There are so many incredible ideas popping up everyday for DYI costumes on the internet that I could spend hours and days checking them all out.  The funny thing is that I'm really not one that has worn a costume ever nor can I remember the last time that I dressed up as anything for Halloween.  But I'm thinking that this year I may change my ways..

Another plus side is the time spent together planning and making a homemade costume will become the precious memories that will be stored in your families hearts for a lifetime.  There's nothing quite as wonderful as that to be found at any store.  

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