Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Lilly Review

This book is adorable!  It's one of those books that girls of all ages would enjoy. It's also appropriate for all ages.  I love the way this made me smile and keep reading right from the start!  It's written with catchy and clever puns that I guarantee will keep your face smiling from page one to the last.
 The art work is fantastic too.  The theme of the book is wonderful and I'm so impressed by the way the story of Jesus is included and also has all the fun things about Christmas included as well.  There is also a web site to visit which is super fun and has all kinds of neat things to check out and do.  The author is Kathy Johnson and she has written several books that are all written in the same way.  Two of her books are Mom's Choice Award Winner's and I can certainly see why.  If you have girls on your list this would be a great add on gift.   It is available at Amazon   But I would suspect that it's available at the local book stores as well.    You can learn more and check out the super adorable web site right here. Christmas Lilly

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