Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pet Handheld Massaging Mitt Review

Is your pet ready for their relaxing grooming session? There is no quicker, easier, cleaner way to remove the loose, dead undercoat, while gaining a shiny top coat, in a matter of minutes.

This got 4 stars from me for 2 reasons.
First is that I had a slow start using this mitt because they sent me a defective product the 1st time.  It had a hole that looked as if it the sewing machine missed an inch or so.  I contacted the company and they acted very quickly.  After submitting pictures, the 2nd mitt arrived fast.   I was very pleased that I didn't have the hassle of mailing the old one back.  The 2nd reason is that it says one size fits all.   This is not entirely true.  Boyfriend has large hands and would not be able to use mitt comfortably at all.  My hands are large for a female and I have no problem. Although I must say that my animals love it.   I would have preferred to give 5 star rating but I want to be fair.  

I used it on 2 dogs and a cat.   They all had slightly different reactions to the mitt but all 3 love being groomed with it. I've used something similar before on them but the cat did not care for the other at all.  She even ran when she saw it but I managed to get her to come back and she ended up liking this.  I was glad that she was willing to give this one a chance.  She has since warmed up well to it. 

My dog Magic was leery.  She was unsure at 1st but I went ahead and brushed her with it while the others dogs watched.  Magic loved it and will immediately come to me anytime she sees me with the massaging mitt.  She loves being massaged with it and I can tell by her response that it feels wonderful.    Magic has let me know in the past when it's time to stop but not with this mitt.  She thoroughly enjoys this.  My little dog viewed this but was still leery of my hand with the mitt on.  I took it off as it was making her nervous and had to resort to holding it rather than wearing it while I held her and gently brushed her using it.  After several minutes of gentle coaxing I was able to put the mitt on and she seemed to enjoy being massaged until she actually saw the mitt again and became a bit alarmed by it again.  She is a little leery of it. Since then I have tried to use it on her several times briefly but she is not interested.  This is surprising as she loves to be petted. 
Of course all animals are different. 
I love the product and  I think my pets would have given 5 stars anyway.   My experience is that massaging a pet is so good for them.  It also helps keep their coat and skin healthy. I had an older dog that loved being gently massaged everyday and she lived 17 years.  It's good practice to massage your pets.   
For more information regarding CDL Brand Pet Massaging Mitt and ordering info you can find that here Pet Massaging Mitt

 UPDATE:   This is a 5 STAR product.  My dog is no longer leery and she begs to be "brushed" and now stands on her back legs every night while I massage her with the mitt.  She has never allowed me to do this with any other grooming product.   My border collie also demands to be massaged and actually goes to the mitt each evening and lets out a "woof"  This has become a nightly ritual for both my dogs now.  Yes they love the massage mitt.

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