Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Inside Smarts has the best Premium Delicates Wash Bags for your laundry needs

My mother was a laundry specialist when I was a kid.  She knew all kinds of tricks and could get stains out of anything. She knew the best way to load a wash and She knew the best way to wash the delicates. She told me that if you want your bras and stockings to last then you need to do it right. She  always had a bag that she used for her delicates. The problem was that the bag itself seemed pretty flimsy and it always seemed to be falling apart. That was my introduction to wash bags

When I moved out and got married  I never thought much about needing a bag for my delicate laundry because I really didn't have a lot of laundry to begin with.  If I had anything special I would wash it by hand in the sink. Although yes it was a hassle and I won't have to now. I got wash bags!

Then suddenly I had babies and all the tiny little delicate outfits and the gazillion baby booties that always seemed to become singles. From that point on I had wash bags. I must admit though, there was none that compared to Inside Smarts Wash Bags.  These are top notch bags.  They are very well made. The zippers are sturdy and rust proof.   They have a money back guarantee too.

Since I have had mine I've washed bras, lingerie, baby items and delicate blouses without a single problem. These bags are superior quality and will last!  They are super durable and strong.   I love knowing that my delicate items will last much longer and that's going to save me money in the long run. #laundry

                                                           Your Laundry. Done Smarter.
1) Delicates Laundry Bag Perfection.
If you've tried any ordinary laundry wash bags, you'll notice the InsideSmarts difference in no time. These #1 Rated Wash Bags are made of premium-grade mesh that makes them as strong & durable as they are luxurious & smooth.

2) Everything in its Place.
This popular lingerie wash bag set ships to you with 4 Luxury Wash Bags (2 medium, 2 large). Keep like-colors separated using the 3 white wash bags for light-colored loads, and the 1 large black bag for dark-colored items.

3) Every Wash: Quiet & Safe.
Zippered mesh laundry bags can be noisy, but not this new, 2015 Delicates Wash Bag design. Slip the rustproof zipper under the smart zipper guard to protect & ensure a quiet, snag-free wash.
You can learn more about why they are the BEST wash bags. Inside Smarts

These would make terrific gifts too!  You can find them on Amazon

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