Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The American Catholic Almanac

Written by Brian Burch and Emily Stimpson
Published by Crown Publishing
Copyright by CatholicVote.org Education Fund
This book is fascinating to read and it covers a tremendous amount of history.  It is meant to be read daily although I cheated a bit and read quite a bit already. Prior to this, I’ve read several books and many stories about Catholic Saints so when I saw that this book was available to review on  Blogging For Books    I knew right away that I wanted to request it.   This book makes for an easy to read daily look at people and events that helped shaped the Catholic Church in America.  For example:  Who knew that Catholic Missionaries had actually lived in Virginia 36 years before the English settled Jamestown?
Not me and I was surprised to learn that and it so intrigued me that I researched a little more.   That’s what reading this book has been like for me.  It’s such an interesting collection of history and also helped me gain so much more understanding in regards to the sacrifices and the love for the Catholic Church. There are so many inspiring people and stories that are included in this book,  some you may have heard of and many you probably haven’t.

 I know that I'll enjoy this book for a long time and I'm  doing my best to read it one day at a time like it was intended although sometimes I still cheat now and then and read ahead.  What would I change about the book?    My only complaint is that the text throughout the book is rather plain but overall it's a wonderful book.  

FTC Disclosure: I received for free from Blogging For Books in exchange for an honest review. My opinion was not influenced in any way. This post may contain my Amazon affiliate link. Thank you so much for supporting Read More Books ~Lauren

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