Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Acu-Life Dri-Eze Hearing Aid Dehumidifier Review #DriEze

I am one of the 35 million Americans with hearing loss. 
My hearing loss is severe and to me it means that I have a hearing aid in my only hearing ear so maintaining my hearing aid is very important to me.

 Without it, I would have very little hearing at all.  The supplies that my hearing aid specialist had given me were the only products that I had known. So I was over the top thrilled when I contacted and asked if I would be interested in reviewing 3 Acu-Life products including the  Dri-Eze Hearing Aid Dehumidifier. Of course my answer was yes.

The single most important thing to know when you wear a hearing aid is that moisture is going to be an on going issue. Moisture from perspiration, condensation, high humidity are things that can cause a hearing aid to malfunction.  It's very important to use a dehumidifier daily.  My old one was twice the size of the Dri-Eze and it had a removable piece that needed to be heated in the microwave. She told me that she had melted hers by overheating and so I sensed it was a hassle to use. She also never indicated that there were other products that would not require heating. Of course I in turn eventually melted the removable part but continued using it anyway. I am very happy with this new one! It's much smaller which I love because I can pack it to take along much easier. I love that I just have to simply open, drop my hearing aid in and close the top. It's a breeze!

The Acu-Life Hearing Aid Cleaner is an awesome product. It contains the 5 tools needed for daily  cleaning and maintenance.  It's so very important to have the correct tool needed in order to maintain a hearing aid.  This audio kit is incredibly handy. It's got a built in case along with the tool.
1. Brush 
2. Pick
3.Tube and Vent Cleaner
4. Battery Door Opener
5. Battery Magnet Tool

I wasn't sure whether I would like this because it is so different from what I had gotten used to.  I only had to think about it for a minute because that's all it took for me to realize that this was a huge improvement. My other hearing aid tool consisted of  a couple of single tools that were quite flimsy and very small. The tiny size means that they can be easily misplaced. (I've also lost a few)  I truly love this product. It has to be the greatest thing to give to someone with a hearing aid.

The Ear Wax Removal Syringe is wonderful. It's very simple to use.  I had never used one of these before and I was so surprised that it did not hurt in any way. I had wanted to try one of these but was just somewhat scared to. I always had a doctor do this for me and truthfully I wasn't sure what they actually used because I didn't want to look. We normally do have wax build up occasionally and we all know that poking our ears is a no no.  This is an awesome item to have and it's easy to use too.

They have a variety of hearing aid accessories  as well as many other helpful health aids. I had no idea that Acu-Life made so many products. They have been in business for 35 years. Headquarters are located in North Attleboro, Massachusetts and they partner with customers in over 50 countries across the world.

Their Mission Statement states:

Health Enterprises is committed to providing quality products that better meet the needs of our customers. Through our technology, ongoing development and people, we provide products that positively impact the lives of children and adults throughout the world.

FTC Disclosure: I received for free from Tomoson in exchange for an honest review. My opinion was not influenced in any way. This post may contain my Amazon affiliate link. Thank you so much for supporting Read More Books ~Lauren

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