Monday, March 26, 2018

If You Were Me And Lived In Cuba

                                   A Child's Introduction To Culture Around The World

Written by Carole P. Roman
Illustrations by Kelsea Wierenga

This book is just one of a series called If You Were me And Lived In....

Recently as I finished reading this book and was about to put it away on my bookshelf when I realized that I have nearly every book in this series!
 That's when I knew that I had something to share. I'm a grown up,  a grandmother and I enjoy these books.   I can honestly say that had these books been available to myself as a child, I most certainly would have loved reading them, maybe even more than I already do now.
These books are written in such a way, that a child reading one of these will truly feel connected to to the places, the people and the world around them. Each book in the series takes the readers on tour as they experience a new country and it's culture from the eyes of a child. This particular book takes us to the  northern Caribbean island of Cuba.
We learn new words for the familiar, starting with mother, Mami and father, Papi and so on. What an incredible way to experience what life would be like living in Cuba, including family life, the food and the fun things to see and do. It's such a wonderful way to share the world with a child!
What I really like is the way that each book provides  many opportunities for further discussions and a variety of lessons including history, geography, languages, as well as how family life can be the same and quite different.  I can see why these books are such an awesome tool for the homeschool!  I absolutely adore these books and praise to Carole P. Roman. What a tremendous way to reach and teach children!

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