Thursday, January 13, 2011

Have you read this? 11 Tips to Avoid Fake Reviews

I found this article today and it was pretty interesting to read. I was on a site called and the article actually came from one of their partner site which is called but anyway, here is how it starts off:

People often look at product reviews when deciding whether to make a purchase or choosing between brands. It’s not that they necessarily care what a stranger thinks. Rather, a batch of reviews can offer an idea of common problems or complaints and sometimes suggest better alternatives.

The problem is fake reviews. Yes, there are people that actually spend time doing that. They often get paid to do it, either by the company they work for - often as PR interns - or through sites like Mechanical Turk, where anyone can be paid trivial sums (as little as 20 cents) to write product reviews and do other menial tasks by companies that don’t want to actually hire someone to do them.

You can read the rest here:

11 Tips to Avoid Fake Reviews
I am interested in what you think, and look forward to comments. Thanks, Lauren