Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summertime Fun! Free Bowling everyday for kids!

I just wanted to let everyone in on this because I know how many of you have children and or grandchildren.
School will be out soon and even though there are all kinds of activities just waiting for that to happen, swimming and biking and summer camps galore! But here's another great idea, bowling!
I jut found out that bowling centers, schools and a whole lot of community organizations have launched the Kid's Bowl Free Program! This is the first year and I decided that I want to help get the word out on this because this is a wonderful idea!Every single student whose age does not exceed the limit set by their local bowling center, re eligible to register to bowl two free games, every day ALL SUMMER! This adds up to $500.00 of FREE bowling, per student  This is a wonderful idea and a terrific way for bowling centers to give back to the community, wouldn't you agree?
Just have to get the word out to all the parents, grandparents and babysitters too! Share this with anyone with kids! I am excited because I know my grandchildren will be thrilled! I have a daughter in law that runs a summer daycare and also lives quite close to the local bowling center as well!  This program is across the country and also in Canada!
Kids Bowl Free all summer!


  1. What a great idea, my grand kids love to bowl, I'll have to let their mommies and daddies know.

  2. Terri, I'm really glad when I find something like this too, being that I have 9 grandchildren of my own! This is great info for Mom's, Dad's and grandparent's! I thank you for your comment and I'll stop by and visit your blog. Lauren


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