Monday, May 31, 2010

All of this stuff like blogging and linking and back links and oh my goodness! Blogrolls and blog carnivals, oh boy!
Templates and widgets and tags and labels. There is so much to learn! We didn't have internet anything when I was a wee little girl. There were no Google and yahoo just meant "Get in here kids, it's time to eat dinner!"
I'm from the Stone Age and I can prove it. I bet that I know more about Fred Flintstone than even Barney Rubble knows! Young folks nowadays know more about using the internet by the time they reach first grade than possibly I know now at age 50.
The one thing that I will not do; is ask embarrassing "dumb" questions in front of my grandkids even though I'm fairly certain that they know all about downloading and uploading etc. I am determined to figure all this out myself, thank you very much! Then along came the blog. Blogs,blogging. I can't help but wonder to myself, when did blog become an actual word? Who even knew that making up new words was allowed? See I told you, I really am from the Stone Age!
I remember thinking when I first heard of the World Wide Web, oh my goodness here comes another fad! It will never catch on so phooey!
I must have missed the train completely and because what was was I doing for all those years? I was reading true crime books. Average week for me would be minimum of 3 books read. I guess I was just too busy either reading my latest find or figuring out what I could read next. It was a job just to locate true crime books that I had not already read and little did I know that this www thing and I don't mean wrestling, could possibly be the answer?
I do admit now that, yes my children tried to tell me all along and I did not listen.


  1. I'm also from the stone age...and I remember resisting the idea of needing a computer! Now its such a part of my life, I worry about it taking over my free time! I think I'll read my latest thrift store find tonight, "Vinyard Stalker"...I hope it was worth the $1.25 I spent for it! LOL!

  2. How nice to meet you Pat! So wonderful to know that I am not the only one that was "Stone age". I am loving this computer more every day! I hope you will come back and tell me how Vinyard Stalker turns out, the price was right anyway!


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