Thursday, June 24, 2010

Review: Balancing Pregnancy with Pre Existing Diabetes by Cheryl Alkon

Balancing Pregnancy with Pre-Existing Diabetes Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby 
written by Cheryl Alkon  Published by Demos Medical
253 pages
 Cheryl's blog is at Managing The Sweetness Within

I would definitely recommend this book to any young woman out there that is has diabetes. Sometimes for the woman that is diabetic, there may be an understandable fear of being pregnant altogether.  This is the book to read. I learned so much from this book  and I am very impressed. I liked the fact that Ms. Alkon managed to cover so much information in each chapter without becoming boring. Her entire writing style is so real and so easy to understand. In addition, Cheryl has also shared lot's of great recourses in the back of  the book. It is a very thoughtfully written book.
This is going to be a must have book for all young woman that are type 1 diabetics. I'm giving many kudo's to Cheryl Alkon for writing this terrific book.
Thanks to LibraryThings Early Reviewers for helping to get this book to me.

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