Thursday, May 20, 2010

Places to get books

I am trying to keep track of different places where anyone can request books for reviews. I have been getting some from Booksneeze and Early Reviewers at Librarything and also from Goodreads First Reads. If you know more then please leave a link in a comment here. I'm just beginning to explore all these options lately but I have already got a ton of books at my house! I will be more than happy to share some in the future, right here on my blog.

  1. Librarything Early Reviewsers
  2. Barnes and Nobles 1st Look Book Club
  3. Mini Book Expo for Bloggers
  4. Shelf Awareness Newsletter
  5. Early Birds
  6. St. Martin's
  7. Zondervan
  8. Random House
  9. Thomas Nelson Booksneeze
  10. Goodreads  
  11. Reading Group Gold

I'm a member of Book blogger and found this in a post. it's a whole bunch of places to get advance copies. 
I checked it out and it's a great help!

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  1. The Cadence Group has a revolving selection of titles available.

    Our group "Book Reviewers for TCG" can be found on both Ning and on Goodreads. Join both groups. Find a title you like and email us to request your review copy. Once your review is posted, feel free to link to it from our groups and join the discussion!

    Questions? Email Rebecca:


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