Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Adventures of Nanny Piggins by R.A. Spratt my review

The Adventures of Nanny Piggins
Have you ever heard of a flying pig? Well if you are a fan of children's books then you know that anything is possible. It all starts out with these three children Derrick, Samantha and Michael and of course their father, Mr. Green. The family is desperate for a nanny because the children's mother seems to have died in a boating accident. But even so all three of  the Green children prefer to think that might not be true since they miss her a great deal. In case you didn't know, three children with out a mother must have a nanny!  Plus the fact that  nannies don't come cheap these days,  although Mr. Green is quite cheap himself. Not because he doesn't earn all kinds of money, oh no!  He has plenty of money but the fact is he wants to keep his money and he hates to think of how much of it he would have to pay a nanny anyway!
But that all changed when a social worker came by and informed a certain Mr. Green that if he did not hire a nanny to look after the children then the government would. That's when Mr. Green nailed a  sign  to a stake and put it out front "Nanny Wanted Inquire within."  He hoped the sign was small enough that it would be hard to actually notice because that way he'd be sure and keep his money for a bit longer.
When one day there was a knock at the door and I'll just say  here is when this book really starts to become one fun adventure after another for the Green children!
This is no ordinary nanny because this is a circus pig. She is  "The Flying Pig"!  Quite famous even if she did decide to run away from the circus, which is not one bit unreasonable besides now she was going to become a nanny, Nanny Piggins.
As long as the children don't mind staying up late at night and having all the chocolate bars they can eat for dinner then they won't mind her being a pig one bit!   I loved reading this book so much. It could have been partly since I kept wishing I could be one of the children and eat all the pastries and baked goodies and not have to worry about silly rules anymore.
The entire book  is so much fun to read! The story is wonderfully appealing. R.A. Spratt is a comedian and also a writer for children's TV. She also has her own web site at: where you can see what she is up to. The book was illustrated by Dan Santat and you can visit him here:
Published by Little,Brown and Company and if you would like to see more of their
I was a lucky winner of this ridiculously funny book and for that I am forever grateful!

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