Thursday, September 16, 2010

Study Guides and Book Notes for Students at Pink Monkey

If you are the parent of a junior high, high schooler, college student or if your a teacher or home schooler then I suggest that you check out this site.   Pink monkey
They happen to have the World's Largest Library of Online Literature Summaries.  Whether you are looking for study guides or book notes, or chapter summaries you can always find those and more at  Pink Monkey

Parents and teachers really appreciate the fact that unlike so many other online sources there is no "adult" content or themes at Pink Monkey. This site is rated "G"
There are 460+ FREE Book notes and they are available here 24/7 along with their online textbooks. Students can even use the search feature in the guides to find answers to their questions. For Parents there is a
Parents Central which you can find on the left side menu under "Parent tips."   That's where you can find can find materials that has been published by The Department of Education and other sources. Everything here is designed to help your child to learn.
What I really like is that they also have something called  Electric Desk and Study Smart
All Parents should check that out because I think it's the most helpful tool. Here is a sample:

Q: Why should you use Systematic Study?
You should study systematically so you can make good choices about how and when you study. Most people just study without thinking about how they will learn. This may mean they read their textbooks or go over notes they took in class. These students often just close their books or notes when they have finished reading or reviewing.
This is usually a poor way to study for several reasons:
  1. Reading or going over notes may not be the best way to study the material.
  2. No specific study activity was chosen. The students just did the first activity (reading or going over notes) that came to their minds.
  3. No attempt was made to see what they learned. These students did not test themselves.
  4. No plan to be successful was made.
With Systematic Study you will learn to choose and plan how you study. This will make learning easier and faster. 

 I sure hope the parents that are reading this will check it out and share this with their neighbors. 
I am not affiliated in any way with this site. Let me know what you think about the site and if you have any  homework tips, or know of similar sites I hope you will leave me a comment and a link.

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  1. I'll check it out. I have a Junior High student, and a middle grader, but I also love YA fiction for me!


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