Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm just not myself these past days

I know it's probably my own fault so what can I say? But anyway I just love gardening even with all it's bending and digging. maybe you know what I'm talking about. It really is strenuous.I'm over 50 but I don't feel it and so I often have that mentality like "Oh I can do that" and so you know what I'm going to share right now?  Oops, ouch ! Ugh!  I can't do that!  I guess it's a fact that I have ignored my own body signal since early spring. Although I can say one thing honestly I have tried to stay in the shade whenever possible this year and that really is a first for me.
But the body talks.
Oh I was just fine all summer, apparently because I just kept on bending and digging and filling my little wheel barrel and moving stuff and lifting stuff, but guess what/ Now it hurts. Duh!  It hurts to sit and then sometimes it hurts to not sit. It always hurts to lay down which sort of you know... sucks? Is that a bad word? I'm sorry. I usually stand up now to read the newspaper. I hate to admit it. I'm getting old. Pretty soon I'll be addicted to BenGay and then I'll be more interested in taking my Geritol first thing  in the morning while my coffee pot sit there saying "Come on old lady, let's get the brew started!"
Has anybody other than myself had to "learn" the lesson of "Respect your body because you are not getting younger, you  fool"?  I mean come on, don't make me think that I am the ONLY one!  I  realize now. I'm going to take it easy and I'll learn. So what if I can't lug around bags of cement or topsoil. Does this make me less of a person? Maybe I just need an assistant.  Comments anyone? Any helpful tips?


  1. Hey Lauren! I know about that Oops! Ouch! Ugh! I can't do that! very well. Especially now that my tailbone got cracked. Now I can't sit, stand up straight or lay on my back without whencing those same words! LOL! I for the last month I yelped every time I did that or turned wrong or sat straight, now I'm to the "whencing point". I'm still not able to work out at Curves or jar myself without practically screaming. But I keep telling myself it could be worse and I know there are people out there a lot worse off than I am. Then I feel better. LOL!

    God Bless!

  2. I know what you mean, I was telling hubby just the other day how grateful we should be but especially so when we are hurting. There are so many people dealing with so much more than we are. Oh hon you really did a number. Oh I feel for you PJ. Bless your heart for coming by.

  3. Good post, Lauren. Ya know, even the most athletic players stretch their bodies before a game. if you do not prepare your body for outdoor work, then be prepared for outdoor pain. Stretch your body, limber up. Relax your muscles, hang upside down. Yes, I said hang upside down. Do some yoga, breathe..

    Enjoy this time. Make it a ritual. What ever it takes. Take vitamins, drink your vegetables, sleep on a mattress that gives and supports at the same time, and most importantly, Lauren, when your body yells stop, then stop!

  4. A big hug to you Stephen, you are so right. Your comment is right on target for me. My hubby has a herniated disk and scoliosis of the spine and so I'm usually the one moving around the heavy stuff.

  5. I recommend that your hubby hang upside down too! It's like this, Lauren. Gravity can be our worse enemy. The longer we are sitting, standing, or walking, the more pressure is being placed on our joints. Yeah, it's that gravity thing. Think like your body is being treated like an accordion and slowly and surely your head is getting closer to your feet!

    Hanging upside down puts it all in reverse. Your muscles, spine, and joints start to depressurize. This depressurization works very well for improving your body and your mind. It's Amazing! You can try Googling Gravity Boots, Teeter Hang Ups, and Inversion Tables.

  6. I have already been thinking about an inversion table. Have you used one?

  7. I went and cleaned for another lady today. It was good but still lots of bending and stooping and hands n knees stuff. So now I am tired, smell of bleach, and wish I had someone to clean my own house. LOL But it was good to work. My back hurts, my nails all chipped and have a headache from cleaning fumes. Time to get a cold drink and sit outside in the indirect sunlight and unwind. Guess I get my house done tomorrow.


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