Monday, October 31, 2011

The best way to wash a dog is at a do it yourself dog wash!

I found a do it yourself dog wash here in Topeka, Kansas. It is also a car wash, but they added the dog wash room a few years back. I had heard about this place from some friends but this was our first time trying it out. 

I was really impressed with this place. The concept is wonderful and I'm actually surprised that more people hadn't even heard of the place. It's easy to find since it's right off I 70 at 21st Street before Wanamaker. There are a couple of car washes nearby but this one has a large red and white  "car wash" sign that's real easy to spot!   It is located at the Squeeky Clean Car Wash and the address is 2010 SW Ashworth Place. I also include the phone number here which is 785-273-5384.
There are four raised tubs and each has a place to secure a leash, which is perfect for safety and also convenience. My dog (being the athlete that she is) chose to ignore the steps and clearly preferred  to jump in to the tub by herself!  The steps were easy to use though as I had her go up and also go down them which she did quite happily.  When we first arrived the place was empty except for a happy little Schnauzer that was leaving while we walked in. 
It didn't take long though, because more customers began to arrive within minutes. There seemed to be plenty of dirty dogs around, that's for sure!  The attendant stayed busy bringing clean towels and collecting the used ones and he was also nice and friendly.  The thing that I really liked the best of all were the drying tables. They were roomy enough for the largest plus sized dog around!  Magic happens to be just an average size dog, a 35 lb. border collie so we had plenty of space. Again, there was a place to tether a dog while you towel dried, brushed and/or used their super nice hand held dryers.The dryers worked wonderfully not too hot or cold and also had several attachments available.

I really enjoyed everything about this experience and I am certain that Magic did also.  The price was unbeatable!  They charge a whopping $8.00, which includes shampoo,towels and use of everything including brushes! The place was very clean and well kept up. Business was brisk but not crowded.The best way to wash a dog is a do it yourself dog wash!
The nicest part of all actually was not having to clean up and being able to have the cleanest dog around!
Does anyone out there have something like this in your area? If so, have you ever tried it and what was it like? Was it a business by itself or is it a car wash/dog wash such as this one?  Would you be likely to try something like this, if there was one in your city or town? I  love dogs so much that I had thought of opening a pet  and supplies store many years ago. Just never got around to doing it though.  Anyway, I would love to hear your comments and even your ideas about this post. Tell me about your dog too, I would love to hear!

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  1. It's hard to give a dog a bath and keep him clean but doing this is fun!


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