Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Christmas trees are coming!

Across the Pacific Northwest and up North and into Canada, there are trees being cut and lined up to be shipped across the country. Yes, the Christmas trees are coming!

700,000 trees, can you imagine? Sure it might sound early, but this is the time to do it. Winter comes pretty early in the land of Christmas trees. The good news is that buying a fresh Christmas tree will be more affordable this year. That is according to the Christmas tree growers. Hopefully it is true. I am looking forward to buying one, as I do every year.

Are you getting a real one this year? They are a little work being that they require water in the tree stand at all times to keep from drying out. But I love the wonderful smell that a real live Christmas tree brings to the house.It also feels more like Christmas to me having a live tree.My memories of childhood include having a real tree to decorate each year. Of course, I won't be running out right away to buy a tree. But I am pleased to know that they are coming!

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