Friday, November 11, 2011

Prayer Request today, please

I have a prayer request going out. My appointment at KU Medical Center is coming up. I have a rare congenital disease that causes paraganglioma.  It's kind of a scary tumor right now, one that is on my juglare veins and such. Anyway, I can post more information about it later today. Right now I'm about to do some errands but the reason I would really appreciate your prayers and karma today is because I just feel edgy and nervous today. I will be out most of the day as I things to take care of. There are a few things that the good Lord knows that I need right now and or am worrying about. We all know that worry and fear are not our friends! Thanks for reading this, and may God bless you as well.     Thanks, Lauren


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I said a prayer for you just now. Hope you are healed real soon!

  2. Thank you Bev. That really made my night tonight. I am going to the specialist in the morning. I am really nervous about the whole thing. I am so grateful for prayers and even good wishes right now, thank you. I'll post what the outcome is tomorrow.


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