Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Healing Prayer to share with someone you love.

Just wanted to share this today.

God, I pray that my heart be light, not heavy. Let me be full of courage, knowing that I stand as Spirit, with every right to all blessings. I will put away all thoughts of the past and know that now is the only time. I am Divine in Spirit with strength to meet all that is part of my destiny.

God, thou has created my Spirit in your Image. My Spirit cannot suffer; it cannot be sick. The Spirit knows no fear. I will obey Your command to my Spirit: Arise, Shine, for your are the Light. The Holiness of God is my Divine Inheritance. That Holiness shall show forth in my mind as harmony and happiness; in my body as wholeness and health.

God, I pray that this thought, born of the Spirit, is like the Light and casts out the darkness of all thoughts of disease and fear. Let this Light shine upon me; let it illumine my mind. Let it warm my heart. Let it heal my body by its beneficent healing power.

God, let Your Peace flow within me. Let Your Love flow within and about me. Your Light is my Light. As I become whole in the Spirit, I will manifest health now.

God, let peace be with me. Peace be in my heart. Peace with me as the breath of the morning. Peace. Peace. Peace. The Angel of Peace is within me to heal and to bless.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

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