Sunday, January 13, 2013

Get ready for the Super Bowl

Does everyone watch Super bowl?  Maybe so and does everybody has a favorite team?  It sure seems like it to me.  I  happen to like watching both New England Patriots and New York Giants play. But maybe that's because I grew up on the East Coast and those were the teams to watch. I have a son that loves the San Francisco  49ers, another that loves the Denver Broncos. A daughter in law that follows the Dallas Cowboys while another one follows the San Diego Chargers all the way.
 My closest friends are die hard Kansas City Chiefs fans.
It has been a pretty good season for football this year no matter who makes it to the Super Bowl.
We always look forward to all the game day snacks, the commercials and of course the half time show!
I'm looking for some ideas for my snack table. We usually have hot cheese dip and the little smokies wrapped in bacon, hot wings along with the assorted chips and dips. I have tried new things every year and I am looking forward to keeping that tradition going. So I am hoping to get some input, maybe some ideas and or a link to some tasty snack treats.  Is anybody else like to entertain on Super Bowl Sunday? What is your favorite team this year? Who do you think is going to win?
I just found out that I am going to get the newest Cravebox, filled with SuperBowl snacks!!! If you hurry then you may be able to get one too.  Super bowl Cravebox
PS If you do sign up at Cravebox, would you please mention that I sent you. My user name is myneurotica.  I get a chance at extra cravebox drawings if you do that. Don't forget, please mention "myneurotica" sent you. Thanks and I hope you win a cravebox too!

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