Monday, January 28, 2013

What lovely weather

Today was a splendid day here in Topeka, Kansas; the temp was 76 degrees which is so incredible because this is winter time in the Midwest. It’s the end of January and normally this is the coldest time of year for us. This whole winter has been quite mild. We have had some freezing temperatures just recently. But just from one day to the next it fluctuates greatly.  Today was just wonderful weather, perfect. I think many people may have taken the day off from work today.  I decided to take the dogs out and play with them. Then I took them for a rather long walk and observed so many of my neighbors out and about up and down the street. The weather man on TV said that tomorrow would be more of the same although by evening we can expect a change.  Something unexpected for all of us to enjoy this week, Spring like weather!  Hurray!

Update on the weather:  After the gorgeous day here yesterday, today we awoke to a cold damp day with dark clouds over us. Will top 40 degrees today with rain off and on all day and snow expected this evening.  My cousin Sarah who lives in Oklahoma, reported rain coming down in buckets and high winds almost tornado like.  This is a total turnabout from what we experienced here yesterday. I was hoping to open up my windows today and air out my apartment then maybe go to the park with the dog.  This seems more like the unpredictable Spring weather we usually have around here you know what I mean? 


  1. 76 degrees! Wow I can only dream of this in our neck of the woods! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Blessings to you!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment too Shari Lynn. Have a wonderful day!


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